Friday, April 30, 2010

E-mail discussion with Andre Coimbra

1) Describe how you made your decision to commit to CMU over UMKC. What sort of things did you like about the program?
i felt more comfortable at CMU insted of UMKC because they made me feel apart of a family just being there a couple days. The program interested me because the coach showed me he is a winning coach and i want to be apart of a winning program. I see a possiblity of us being in the tournament.
2) What do you think are your biggest strengths/weaknesses on the basketball court? What do you need to work on the most?
My biggest strength is defense and the one thing i need to work on more is my ability to shoot threes. i can shoot them very well but i want to be close to perfect.

3) What was your journey like from Brazil to Oklahoma? Was it a difficult decision to leave home?
it was a very hard process because i had trouble speaking english and it was a long trip also. But it has gotten better because im used to America and my english isnt [erfect but is getting a lot better. it was pretty difficult leaving home, i miss my family and friends but im willing to make the sacrifice.

4) How did CMU's incoming recruiting class/new Events Center influence your decision? 
The incoming recruits were friendly just as if i already knew them.

5) Who would you compare your game to in the NBA/college ranks?
im not sure who i play like but i like to watch Dennis Rodmans game and try to duplicate my game to his minus the bad attitude.

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